McCrown Technologies is an epitome of innovation and excellence. We are a lifestyle company, dedicated to fulfilling your dream of living in a smart home. Started in October 2018 in Pune as a startup by Electronics graduates, we aim to become a leading name in the home automation industry. We are constantly driven to find ways to live smarter. Home automation system has achieved great popularity in the last decade as it increases comfort and quality of life. Smart home automation makes life easier as most of the things can be controlled and monitor the home appliances using different types of communication techniques. In the world of smart home; you can automate lamps, light switches, light bulbs, locks, home security sensors, life safety sensors, video cameras, doorbells, speakers, and much more.

We provide a wide range of services that innovate your lifestyle like anything! Our team comprises of passionate engineers, professional architects and creative designers who execute products and solutions with responsibility and commitment. They work with energy, passion, and zeal to upgrade the lifestyles of our customers. Right from planning to installation and customer care, our smart home solutions are a one-stop destination to transform your home into a smart home. We will assist you in every step leading to the future of smart homes so that you can interact with your home away from home. Home Appliance Control using Mobile Phone can prove very useful for Normal and disabled people.