How to integrate Amazon Alexa into your smart home

There are many smart home devices such as connected lights, fans, AC, and the list goes on. To operate them you need to have a device-specific app. It is not a big deal if you’re using just one device, the process can get increasingly complicated with more devices you install. But once you’ve paired your smart home device with Alexa, you’ll be able to control everything just your voice. Rather than just being an addition to your smart home setup, Amazon’s Alexa can be the center of it.

Set up Alexa to Run Your Smart Home

Rather than setting up other smart home devices, pairing connected devices with Alexa is a fairly simple process. You can do it by launching the Alexa app on your computer. After launching the app you have to enable the skill for each of the devices you have with your Amazon Echo Spot or Echo Dot. For example, if you have smart lights and a smart thermostat, you will have to enable the skill for both of them individually. Enabling a skill, in most cases, is as easy as pressing a button.

Some smart home devices also ask you to pair your device with your Dot or Echo, a process that’s done simply by saying “Pair Devices” to Alexa and letting her do her job. Alexa will find out your smart light bulb, thermostat, smart smoke detector, or other device and handle the connection process herself. Easy peasy.
If you’re just planning to build your new smart home, then here’s a list of some of the smart home devices out there that are currently compatible with Alexa this blog will also tell you how to use them to work with the Echo or Dot in your home.

  • Lock your front door with smart lock

    If you have any Smart Lock, then you can use Alexa to lock your door. With this excellent feature you can ask Alexa questions like “Alexa, is the front door locked?” to make sure everything is safe and secure before going to sleep. You can also use Alexa to lock your door when you’re inside. For security reasons, the feature does not work for unlocking the door.

  • Switch the lights on and off

    Switching the light on and off has become very easy. You just have to enable smart light. Once enabled, you can both power the lights on and off on command. Not only this, you can set different settings for brightness. If you already have your smart lights installed in your home, then you can control them using the same names you gave them in your smart light’s app. For example, you can ask Alexa to turn on your porch lights or dim the lights in your bedroom. Cool, isn’t it?

  • Control Your television

    If you have a TV which works with Alexa, you can set up Alexa to control your home theater setup. The feature allows you to do everything from turning on your television to launching Netflix or a specific channel. You can also command Alexa to power on gaming systems connected to the hub, such as Microsoft’s Xbox One, and turn off your entire entertainment center at once when you’re ready to head to bed.


More Amazon Alexa integrations and skills are being added every day. With Alexa as the center of your smart home, you can get things done in twice the time with half the effort.

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